baby k’tan active carrier


When Carter was little we wore her to keep her close + soak in the baby snuggles. Now we wear her to keep her from screaming her head off in the stroller because she wants down to crawl.


Currently we’re loving the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier! It’s breathable mesh material makes hiking, walking, working out + exploring during the pnw summer so much easier. The material also blocks 90% of UVA + UVB rays which is so important when wearing a little delicate babe.


A huge plus of the baby k’tan is that it’s a wrap style carrier without having to do all of the complicated cross here, tie here, wrap there.

We’ll be wearing Carter until she can tell us no thank you moms I’d rather walk, so like for a few more years!


 All parents should consult the Baby K’tan website and/or their Baby K’tan Baby Carrier instruction manual before first use to ensure a safe and happy experience. Consult the Baby K’tan FAQ’s for additional tips and support.