world breastfeeding week


Before I got pregnant, scratch that. Before fertility treatments shook our world, I swore that I’d never breastfeed. The idea of having a little one attached to me, not being able to have a drink, whipping it out in public, and being the only source of food for my child gave me anxiety and scared me away from the idea of breastfeeding.

After becoming pregnant via IVF my mind changed and I became determined to breastfeed our little nugget. Since I hadn’t planned on breastfeeding and really didn’t know much about it other than you pop the babe on your boob, they suck and the milk comes out, A + I thought it was best that we took a class.

The class we took had a lot of great information but also at one point made me feel like a terrible mom and our little one wasn’t even born yet! The lactation consultant that taught the class basically said that you shouldn’t wear a shirt, feed on demand, never go back to work, never pump, and absolutely do not bottle feed EVER. [Insert sheer panic here! Was I a terrible mom already because I eventually would have to go back to work which meant pumping and bottle feeding?] Luckily, the consultant who taught the second half of the class had a completely different outlook on breastfeeding. She talked about pumping, going back to work, when to introduce a bottle and even came over to A + I to talk about the option of inducing lactation so that we could both breastfeed. [The idea of having two leaky hormonal women in our house scared us so inducing lactation wasn’t for us] Between the two consultants we learned more about the correct latch, different positions, infections, clogged ducts, etc. After the class I was excited about breastfeeding and felt like I had the knowledge I needed to succeed.

When Carter was she latched just a few hours after coming into the world and my milk came in shortly after. Since then we’ve had some hiccups [lets just say the first two weeks of breastfeeding I thought my nips were going to fall off] but with the help our awesome lactation consultant we made it through and things are so much better now!

Although our breastfeeding journey has been short thus far but the one thing that I’ve learned is that everyones journey is different, some can’t wait to breastfeed, some can’t breastfeed, and some plain just don’t want to but at the end of the day fed is best and no one should be judged on how they feed their little one. I’m so happy that I changed my mind on breastfeeding and truly feel lucky that I’ve been able to do so. It’s an amazing experience and one that I’m looking forward to continuing for the next year if able.

PS: Carter is attached to me most of the day rather she’s feeding or not, I can have a drink and still nurse safely, and whipping it out in public doesn’t scare me at all thanks to my milksnob cover!