our first day without mom

I don’t like that time is flying by. After three amazing weeks off together with our little nugget, A went back to work today.

So it was only for half a day + only two days this week, it still counts!

I’ve been pretty spoiled since A has been home. She changes all diapers, gets CK dressed, makes sure I have food/water, hangs out and snuggles while I get ready for the day etc. so this morning when we had to get up and go to a weight check appointment without A, it was ROUGH. Let’s just say, I looked a hot mess, CK looked adorable, [I mean that’s normal right? Kids look more presentable than mom?] we were fifteen minutes late to the appointment, my iced coffee that I bought on the way home didn’t get touched + I didn’t eat anything until after 12pm. However, little miss gained weight, took a nice long nap + I was able to get some laundry done, so even though the morning was rough and we missed mom terribly, we made it through our [half] day.

Oh + CK woke up from her nap just as A got home. She welcomed her home by pooping and peeing E V E R Y W H E R E as A changed her diaper. I think it was just her way of telling her that she missed her.