hawaii with a little

Ariel + I have gone to Hawaii together for the past four years. It has become one of our favorite places to travel to. We love being able to just wake up and head to the pool or beach and relax. This time definitely looked a little different than the previous times that we have gone since we now have a little one but we still had so much fun.

We were a little worried about bringing carter since she’s nine months old and is such the little mover but honestly she was great the entire time and I think she loved it more than we did!

Where we stayed:
We stayed at Aston at Papkea Resort in Lahaina. It was super convenient with Carter because she had plenty of room to crawl around on the ground and we didn’t have to worry about her getting hurt. The other thing that we loved about the condo was that we could cook meals – it’s not always easy going out with littles!

Beaches we loved:
Honokowai – My absolute favorite beach for anyone traveling with little ones. The beach has a coral/rock wall that protects babes from the surf making it easy for them to sit in the water and play without mama having to worry. The other bonus about the beach was that there are place to eat right across the street which made our beach days easy.

Spreckelsville Beach – This beach is a little bit of a drive from where we stayed on the west side of the island but it was absolutely beautiful and had so much sand for the littles to run around on. We also saw turtles here which was really neat!

Black Rock Beach – If you’re looking for a beach that had shade this one is great! We were able to setup carters little tent underneath a tree so that she could take a nap in there and not get over heated. Also there are lot of places to get lunch just walking distance from the beach.

What we brought:
Tent – This little tent is super easy to fold up + pack to bring with anywhere. We used it next to the pool + at the beach. Carter took most of her afternoon naps in it + played in it when she was awake. It has a cool pocket on the side of it which we stored our phones and keys in which was great.

Pool Floaty – We ended buying one at target and it worked great. Carter could lounge + we didn’t have to worry about her getting burnt since it had a shade. 

Sunscreen – This an obvious but we brought a ton and a few different kinds. We tried a lotion and honestly getting lotion on a baby every few hours wasn’t easy. We ended up using the spray and it was great.

Clip on chair - We bring this chair with us almost every time we travel. It clips on to tables and counters easily. We didn't need to bring it to restaurants because Maui has the best highchairs but we did use it in the condo.

Swim Diapers - Love the reusable ones! These are our favorite. Word of advice - size up!

We’re by no means experts at traveling to Hawaii with little ones but wanted to share what we did that worked for us. If you have any questions we’d love for you to reach out + ask! We’re happy to answer them. Aloha!