packing diaper bag for baby

I’m a little bit of an over packer so it wasn’t surprising that for the first few weeks of Carters life our diaper bag was filled to the brim. However, after traveling the past few weeks I feel like I’ve really got a grip on what we do and don’t need in our diaper bag.

Diaper Bag: I love our diaper bag. Not only is it super modern and cute but it has plenty of pockets and is just the right size. The material is great and super easy to wipe off if it gets dirty.

Diapers + wipes: We use Parasol Co. diapers and wipes. The diapers are really soft and it’s a plus that they have cute little designs on them. The wipes smell delicious and are easy on the babes bum. We try to keep at least six diapers and two travel size wipes with us at all times.

Toiletries: Two words, coconut oil. We use it for diaper rashes and it works wonders! [we melted coconut oil + a few drops of lavender into an empty deodorant stick for easy application] Other things we like to keep on hand are hand sanitizer, baby soap, nipple cream, and diaper disposable bags.

Burp cloths: We registered for Burts Bees burp cloths and I was a little disappointed, they didn’t soak up anything. My favorite are the Gerber cloth diapers, they work great as burp rags!

Pacifier: We always have one or two pacifiers with us. Carter doesn’t take them all the time but it’s nice to have them on hand for car rides or when she’s just super fussy.

Slumberkin: At this stage Carter can’t really play with toys but she does love when we move them in front of her and make noises so we make sure to have our slumberkin sloth with us at all times. It definitely helps to keep her happy!

Milk Snob: Probably my favorite baby item! It’s great as a car seat cover to keep people’s hands away and also as a nursing cover. It’s made my life so easy and made nursing in public since day one a breeze.

Solly Baby Wrap: Another one of my favorites. It’s such a lightweight wrap that can easily be stashed in our diaper bag. I love to wear Carter at home so I can be hands free and also when we’re out n about so I don’t have to lug around the stroller.

What are your diaper bag must haves?