it's all worth it

H’s take:

You know when you’re fine and then a second later someone comments something nice like “Love you!” on Instagram and you lose it? Ya, that was me today. Thanks sister, love you too! 

If I said I’m okay, I’d be lying. I had hope that this cycle was going to be the one. We would get our BFP, our two pink lines, and we would be on the road to being mommas! These hopes abruptly came to an end this morning. I’m now on cycle day one and IUI number three will be here before we know it. IUI three will be medicated. I’ll start taking letrozole this weekend and monitoring will start shortly after. 

During this cycle not only will I be monitored in order to do IUI three but I will also start the testing needed for IVF. We started the IVF process this week. The first appointment was just an informational with our Doctor and let me tell you, I’m NERVOUS. (I really hope IUI three works so that we can avoid IVF) I’ve been fine with my little baby trigger shot once a month but multiple shots per day?! And in the bum?! Someone get me a donut cushion, quick! But seriously, I’m nervous and really hoping that IUI number three will work so that we can avoid IVF all together! 

I keep reminding myself that all of this IS worth it.