two months old


How have eight whole weeks passed by so quickly? Our little nugget is two months old today and I really wish time would slow down. This time next month I’ll be preparing to return back to work which scares the hell out of me. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a mess for days maybe even weeks or months after returning.

Carter Kate has changed so much in the past month. She now has the cutest chunky little rolls on her thighs, I just want to eat them up. Her hair is growing a ton and still sticks straight up no matter what we do. [people have started to stop me in stores to comment on it] She has started sleeping through the night and on a good day we get a few two-hour naps out of her. When she wakes up in the mornings she is so happy and chatty [baby coos make me melt].

She has started smiling, like really smiling. The first real smile we noticed was when she realized that A was home from traveling for work. She loves her mama! She also loves her tongue [it’s always sticking out] and kicking her feet [mama thinks she’s going to be a dancer]. She hates her car seat which makes car rides really fun, hates being held like a baby [she thinks she’s getting fed if you hold her this way] and absolutely loves bath time.

Baby girl had lots of firsts this month. First airplane ride to California to meet the fam, first trip to the beach, first pool day and unfortunately her first cold. I’m hoping she starts feeling better soon!

All newborn clothes have been put away and after a handful of blowouts we’ve moved onto size two diapers. Next week we’ll go to her two month appointment. I’m excited to see how much she’s grown but I’m not excited for the vaccines, hopefully it goes well.

We love our little babe so much and are having so much fun being mamas. I think we both are still in awe that she’s ours. Will that ever go away?