her first month


Our little bug is already a month old. Where did time go? People tell you time flies when you have a little one and oh my gosh they weren’t lying. It seems like just yesterday we were crying our eyes out talking about how we couldn’t believe we finally had our little girl as we drove home from the hospital.

Carters first month of life was busy. She had lots of visitors and adventured out of the house quite a bit to breweries, wineries, Nike, a bridal shower, and to Nordstrom more times than one should.

At her last checkup she weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. We’re not sure how she’s gaining weight because the little girl poops SO much. She’s a good sleeper [as long as moms boob is near by for snacks] and she’s always pretty smiley and alert when she’s awake. She loves bath time, likes getting her diapers changed and hates when they’re dirty. [shes only pooped on us a few times] Her hair has lightened so much since birth and is brown with a red tint. Her eyes are blue and her mommas hope they stay that way.

Being this little girls mom is so much fun. We both feel that nothing has ever come so naturally to us than being moms. The journey we had to take to finally have our little girl was long and hard but we’re so glad that it lead us to her.

One thing I never want to forget from this month:
H – The way she snorts when she’s trying to latch on. [i call her princess piglet]
A – How strong her neck is and how she slams her head into you when she’s hungry.