Friday Feels

A’s Take –

Helllllllo Party People!!! It’s been a few weeks now, but H and I were enjoying our break of no doctor’s appointments and celebrating all the good happening in n’ around our lives.  We took the time to catch up with friends and kidnap their kids, march in the Portland Pride Parade and partake in some Sunday Funday, celebrate birthdays, and to top it off we received the news that one of our best friends got engaged to her soulmate – while having absolutely no clue what was going on!  These are the magical moments and events we live for and couldn’t be happier with where we are currently.

Just these past few days have we resumed seeing our RE and for the 1st time, H’s cycle is SPOT ON (pun intended).  I had a good feeling about this week and it turns out, you always trust your gut.  As H was laying on the table yesterday waiting for the RE to come in and check things out, we were taking bets on when we would be able to try again.  RE comes in, check’s where H is at in the cycle and says the magic words I live for each month “trigger tonight” In other words, “trigger tonight” indicates we will have another shot at a babe within 36-42 hours.  P.S I won the bet.

H and I proceed to see our favorite phlebotomist, who H insists on each visit, and our RE follows us into the room to let us know she is the doctor on call this weekend!  That was practically music to our ears as you MUST understand it is much more comforting when your own RE is doing the procedures.  H and I smiled from ear to ear, wrapped up the blood draw, scheduled an appointment for Saturday and literally jumped in the air the second we left the office.  I can’t recall a time we’ve ever left the office so excited.  Considering we go 8-10 times a month, we’ve had our fair share of disappointing walks to the car.  NOT YESTERDAY!  H floated on cloud 9 to the car and we’ve been in a fantastic mood since.

So here’s to the holiday weekend with friends and family! Fingers crossed for a successful IUI#3 and hopefully our best friends visiting this weekend don’t mind a quick pit stop at the doctor’s office tomorrow morning