remembering the first year with mushybooks

Since Carters first birthday is coming up so soon, we decided to pull her baby book out and fill in all of the sweet moments that we don’t ever want to forget because let’s be honest, mom brain!


When we were looking for a baby book, finding a book that represented our family was so important to us. We didn’t want to have to look back and see crossed out dad + written in mom on every other page. Thankfully we found the most beautiful + perfect book – Mushybooks.

We were able to customize it with pages for both mom + mommy and a page for each baby shower that we had. Also, we loved the modern style + simplicity of each page.


The book is everything we ever wanted for our baby book + now it’s filled with photos and memories of our sweet babe. It’s something we’ll cherish forever.  


a night at the coast


We don't get over to the Oregon Coast as much as we'd like to because you know, life is busy. Fortunately for us we were all home this weekend + got the opportunity to head over to Pacific City to check out the absolutely gorgeous Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa.


We arrived at the hotel, checked in + went up to our room to get settled before heading over to Pelican Brewing. The room was a dream. Ariel + I both are pretty obsesed with modern decor and our room was filled with it. Our favorite part of the room was the view - the bathtub was a close second.


After a drink at Pelican + dinner at the Meridian - which was so delicious - we headed down to the beach for a bonfire + s'mores. I love a good bon fire + I love it even more when I don't have to set it up. The lodges adventure team came down, set up our fire, got it going + gave us our s'mores kit. This was a dream considering at this point in the night Carter just wanted to be snuggled + I wanted to take photos of everything so we had no free hands to set up a fire.


Unfortunately, right as we got comfortable in front of the fire, it started pouring down rain. Like the kind of rain you see in movies. I grabbed Carter + ran up to our room while poor Ariel grabbed all of our stuff and came up shortly after us. We ended the night with a bath + after Carter went down, Ariel + I sat in bed, drank red wine + ate Tillamook Ice Cream from the pantry.


The next morning we spent some time drinking coffee in our pajamas on the balcony + really just soaked up the views. Before heading back home we grabbed a bite to eat at the Meridian again - too good to only eat at once - and let Carter crawl around the hallways to burn some energy.


We had the best time on our little stay cation. The lodge is absolutely incredible + is so relaxing. The staff is hands down some of the best hotel staff that I've ever had. They were so accommodating + they all loved Carter. We didn't get a chance to go to the Spa this time but I know we'll be back soon to check it out.


carters nursery

When we got pregnant I immediately got excited about decorating a nursery. Of course I had to wait to get started since we didn’t know the gender but once we found out we were having a girl my mind went crazy with room ideas.

Carters nursery has easily become one of my favorite rooms in our house.  room that I spent a lot of time on from sitting down and designing it on the computer to going out and searching for all of the furniture and little details.

We kept her room light and bright and used pops of gold and blush to give it a more feminine feel. It was really important to us that each piece in the room [with the exception of her crib] could grow with her so we decided against the traditional changing table and used a contemporary modern dresser instead.

I really love how her room turned out and look forward to the countless memories that we’ll make in there.